Need to change your tires for your Toyota in Sherbrooke?

Tire changes at Sherbrooke Toyota

The tire changing season is fast approaching, and your Sherbrooke Toyota dealer is the reference in the region for fitting your vehicle with summer or winter tires!

Our tire specialists are there for your tire rotations, whatever the model of your vehicle; and if you need new tires, our team will be able to advise you on the best models available according to your needs and your budget.

But hurry to make your appointment and don’t wait until the last minute; the appointment slots fill up quickly!

In addition to tire installation, you can buy winter or 4-season tires on site, book an appointment for an oil change or for a minor or more important repair.

Deadlines for winter tire installation in the Eastern Townships

In Quebec, since 2019, the deadline for installing winter tires is December 1st. But Mother Nature being what she is, it’s better not to wait until the last minute to install your winter tires… and it’s better to stretch the time a bit more before replacing them in the spring, so as to avoid the late storms in April!

Winter Tire Removal Date

Winter tires can be removed as early as March 15, but as mentioned earlier, it’s best to wait a few more weeks so you’re not caught off guard if a snowfall occurs.

There is no deadline for removing your winter tires, unless they are studded, at which time you have until May 1 to replace them with your summer tires!

close-up view of a mechanic installing winter tires
Close-up view of a set of winter tires

Why rotate the tires of a car?

Rotation is the changing of the position of each of the tires of a vehicle. Why is it useful? Simply because it allows wear to be evenly distributed across all 4 tires, extending the life of the tread.

By wearing evenly, your tires will provide consistent handling and traction on all 4 tires, making your vehicle safer even if conditions deteriorate.

Don’t delay and make an appointment today at Sherbrooke Toyota for your tire rotation!

Where to change your tires in Sherbrooke?

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