Preventative measures


Dear customers,
Related to the coronavirus pandemic, we would like to reassure you that for your safety and that of our employees, we have greatly increased our hygiene and disinfection measures.

We ensure that we comply with all of the recommendations made by the government and are monitoring the situation closely. At the same time, we invite you to exercise vigilance and judgment by avoiding going to the dealership if you are in isolation or have flu-like symptoms.

We are confident that by following these strict rules, we will be able to continue to offer you an incomparable service while preserving the health and safety of everyone and that together, we will pass this test.

Also, feel free to visit our website and use the methods we make available to you (phone, email, chat, text) to interact with our team. We are at your service, through all these channels, to help you get your new Toyota!

By the same token, we are taking the time to warmly thank the people working, directly or indirectly, in the management of this crisis.

The management of Sherbrooke Toyota