Need an oil change for your Toyota in Sherbrooke?


Changing the oil in your vehicle is part of the most common periodic maintenance… but unfortunately, it is often neglected. Yet it is of the utmost importance for the proper functioning of your vehicle! The service center of your Sherbrooke Toyota dealer near Magog and Richmond can tell you more about it!

Why change the oil?

As you know, your vehicle’s engine needs oil to run; moreover, the oil must be of good quality and in good “condition” in order to ensure optimal performance of your engine. For this reason – and many others – it’s important to follow the recommended intervals in your vehicle’s service manual!

With regular oil changes, your mechanic might be able to detect problems before they become too serious, because some of them actually change the appearance of the oil; so it’s in your best interest to have your engine oil replaced regularly!

When to change the engine oil?

The interval between oil changes depends on many factors, but in general, it is recommended that you change your oil no more than 6 months or approximately 8,000 kilometers apart, unless otherwise stated in your service manual. Here are some factors that affect the recommended intervals:

Mileage covered

Do you drive 1000 kilometres a week? You’ll need to change your oil more frequently than someone who drives only 100 kilometres a week.

Age of your vehicle

The older the vehicle, the more frequent oil changes will be needed. The famous 5-month/3,000-kilometre rule may apply to your vehicle; a newer model, on the other hand, may go for 10,000 kilometres before needing an oil change.

Toyota mechanic checking oil at customer's car
A mechanic pouring TOYOTA OW-20 engine oil into the Toyota car

Type of oil

If your vehicle’s engine runs on mineral oil – like most vehicles – you’ll need to change your oil more frequently than if you use synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil, found in turbocharged and performance engines, retains its viscosity longer than mineral oil, so the interval needed between oil changes will be longer.

Does your vehicle have an electronic monitoring system?

This is often the case with newer models. If your vehicle has such a system, it will alert you when maintenance is required.

Where to change your oil in Sherbrooke?

Many garage shops are able to perform oil changes, but if you want the best for your Toyota vehicle, make an appointment at Sherbrooke Toyota for your oil change! You can be sure that your car will benefit from products designed specifically for your model! Come and see us as soon as today! We are located not far from Magog.

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