Discover the incredible history of Toyota


Established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, Toyota actually find its roots in textile. Back in the late 19th century, Sakichi Toyoda, the founder’s father, was a very talented inventor and entrepreneur. He created looming machines that were first manually operated but quickly became automated and motorized. Some of them even used oil motor and/or gas.

Their entrance in the automotive world is first and foremost a question of opportunity. On the eve of the Second World War, Japan only got foreign cars, such as General Motors and Ford. Furthermore, American companies quickly built factories to produce their vehicles on site. Kiichiro Toyoda understood then that he had a card to play in this matter.

This is how, in April 1936, the first Toyota vehicle, produced in a relatively big scale, debuts at a far more competitive price than the foreign cars. It’s called Toyota AA and marks the start of Toyota extraordinary journey in the automotive industry.

The next years, production simply exploded for Toyota. The company released iconic cars like the Toyopet Crown in 1955, the first real sedan of the brand. Then, it was time to start producing and building cars overseas, especially in the United States, where Toyota had several production factories and warehouses starting in the 80s.

Little by little, the Japanese brand has become more and more popular. Its car designs, their attractive price but also their exemplary reliability, make it one of the most recognizable brands. Moreover, awards keep piling up, whether it’s to recognize their production quality or their performances in the many races they take part in.

It is also at the twilight of the century that many models still around today are born like the Supra which makes a noticeable comeback for 2020; the Corolla, spearhead of the brand and available for the first time as a hybrid; or even SUVs like the Matrix or RAV4.

Nowadays, Toyota, whereas in Canada or all over the world, keeps innovating and searching for new and improved ways to limit their footprint on the environment. The inventiveness that characterized the founder are still deeply present in Toyota’s DNA as shown by the Mirai, the first all-electric car of the brand.

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