2023 Toyota RAV4: Price and Specs

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Take a closer look at these two extraordinary SUVs, with your Toyota dealership in Sherbrooke. We will look into the 2023 Toyota RAV4’s performance, interior, all-terrain skills and –of course- prices, in greater detail.

2023 RAV4: A different powertrain for everyone’s needs and taste

Thanks to the numerous available 2023 RAV4 trims, three different powertrains are offered.

On top of a fuel engine, you will also find a hybrid option. Finally, the RAV4 Prime is also available, for those looking for a plug-in hybrid model.

The RAV4 is a vehicle that provides you with excellent fuel economy, no matter if you opt for a hybrid model or a fuel model.

When it comes to the fuel model, the RAV4 is equipped with a 2.5 L 4- cylinder engine with 203 horsepower and 184 lb-ft. maximum torque.

With this powertrain alone, the Toyota SUV can already offer fuel consumption numbers as low as 8.7 L/100 km in urban settings and 6.9 L/100 km on highway.

The RAV4 hybrid adds two electric motors to the RAV4’s fuel engine. This powertrain can drive for 100 km with only 5.8 L of fuel in the city, and 6.3 L on highway. It will also provide you with a total of 219 horsepower.

Finally, the last powertrain option is the plug-in hybrid on the RAV4 Prime. By adding an 18.1 kWh battery, power now reaches 302 horsepower.

This version of the Toyota has fuel consumption numbers that are very close to those offered by the RAV4 hybrid. However, you will also have an added full-electric range of 68 km.

Several new accessories are available for the 2023 Toyota RAV4 interior

When comparing the newest model to the 2022 model, most improvements on the 2023 model are found in the added technologies.

In fact, the RAV4 includes several new accessories and equipment that will surely impress you. Amongst these, you will find:

  • A standard offered 8- inch central screen, or a 10.5- inch optional screen
  • Wireless Apple CarPlayMD and Android AutoMD compatibility
  • An all-new operating system including voice recognition
  • And much more!

Moreover, for those who want the best possible sound experience, a high-end 11- speaker JBL sound system is still offered this year, in the Toyota SUV.

dashboard view of a 2023 Toyota RAV4

In short, the 2023 RAV4 interior has been redesigned and includes cutting-edge technologies. If you are looking for an affordable SUV with a modern driving experience, this is the vehicle for you.

All of what the 2023 Toyota RAV4 has to offer is brought to you at alluring prices.

The New RAV4 Woodland Package: An All-Terrain Hybrid Experience

Another addition to the 2023 RAV4 family is the Woodland package, available with the RAV4 hybrid.

The fuel version of the RAV4 already offered the Trail trim for off-road driving amateurs. Now, the hybrid version brings you the Woodland trim.

If you are looking for a hybrid vehicle that offers excellent all-terrain performance, you will love the Toyota Woodland.

On top of everything that is already included as standard offered equipment on the RAV4 hybrid, the Woodland adds loads of equipment, such as:

  • A TRD suspension, calibrated for all-terrain driving.
  • Falken WILDPEAK all-terrain tires
  • Exclusive bronze colored rims
  • Mud guards
  • And much more!

The best possible hybrid off-road experience is found aboard the Toyota RAV4 Woodland!

2023 Toyota RAV4: Cargo Space and Towing Capacity

On top of offering new accessories, the RAV4 interior also provides you with generous amounts of space for your luggage and daily commutes.

bird's eye view of the cockpit of a 2023 Toyota RAV4

Considering the little bit of space taken up by the added battery, the RAV4 Prime still provides you with a generous amount of cargo space: 949 L behind second row of seats. The other two RAV4 models offer 1,059 L of cargo.

Once rear seats are folded, you will have a maximum of 1,787 L of cargo space for the RAV4 Prime and 1,977 L for the other models. Hybrid vehicles are not well known for their capacity to undertake heavy duty tasks; however, the RAV4 Prime is an exception to this rule.

In fact, the RAV4 hybrid offers a 1,750 pound towing capacity. This climbs up to 2,500 pounds in the case of the RAV4 Prime. The fuel model (TRD and TRD Off Road) offers up to 3,500 pounds maximum.

Regardless of the chosen model, you will have a reliable vehicle that provides you with a good combination of towing capacity and cargo space.

2023 Toyota RAV4: Price and Specs

With its two different types of powertrains, the 2023 RAV4 is available in a total of 9 trims. Moreover, the plug-in hybrid model –the RAV4 Prime- is also offered in two different trims.

Here are the 2023 Toyota RAV4 specs and prices, at a glance:

Features 2023 RAV4 2023 RAV4 hybrid 2023 RAV4 Prime
Price $ 35,379 – $ 47,039 $ 37,639 – $ 48,639 $ 52,739 – $ 57,579
Fuel Consumption (city/highway) (L/100km) 8.7 / 6.9 5.8 / 6.3 5.7 / 6.4
Electric Range 68 km
Towing Capacity 1,500 – 3,500 lbs 1,750 lbs 2,500 lbs
Cargo Space (behind last row/seats folded) 1,059 L/1,977 L 949 L/1,787 L

If you have your heart set on the RAV4 or any other Toyota vehicle, come and visit us today at Sherbrooke Toyota! Our team of passionate experts will know how to guide you so that you can get your hands on the very best SUV to meet your needs!

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